We have been traveling fools!

Whoever said it was cool to go to Europe twice in three weeks and a three day jaunt to New York for a shoe show probably wasn't very smart or was 22 years old! We did it, but not going to lie, took us a week to get back to feeling normal. Despite all the chaos, we saw some amazing footwear and products. 

We did find treasures on Saturday Morning in Valencia, Spain. We were strolling down a side alley to head to the open market and we stumbled onto Peter and his amazing alpaca jewelry!  The pieces appear to be heavy silver but once you try an item on you realize how light the pieces are. We were mesmerized by his collections!! Peter's passion is creating time pieces and making them into bracelets and jewelry. The clock necklaces actually work and when it is quiet you can hear the pieces ticking away.  Needless to say, we bought a few pieces and decided to see how they would work and people reactions. The more we shopped in the day, we realized, it was the FIND of the day. We took took stock of our inventory in the afternoon and realized we needed to go back for more. We have a snippet of his collection and hope to carry more.

We are eager to see and hear your reaction on the pieces. They have been picked very carefully and we hope there is something for everyone's tastes. Most of the collection we purchased have one or two pieces. Don't panic we will be able to get more. We hope you love it as much as we do!! The extension of our Jewerly embodies our mission statement to provide the platform that creates and develops the styles that will emphasize your inner goddess and style diva. 


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