The Sole Identity Team

SoleIdentity is a mixture of footwear aficionados, accessories divas and t-shirts gurus that forms the unique team of SoleIdentity. Our mission is to develop and deliver a unique and diverse mixture of products that we seek on our global travels. Our treasure trove will be constantly changing and evolving.

We want our customers to be seeking the latest trends and fashion statements. We believe in the unique and everything we carry will be of the greatest quality and best value. We feel our ever changing mixture of products will enhance your wardrobe and able you to discover your true Soul Identity . Our creations or “fashion statements” will be conversation stoppers at your next event or just simply stunning everyday wear.

SoleIdentity will allow you to put a creative stamp on your fashion pieces and every item is cleverly crafted for you to develop your fashion identity. If you need extra assistance in the creative realm, our experts are here to help and will put together any look you desire.

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